Employee Engagement Surveys: Questions & Template

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  • 0:03 Overheard at the Water Cooler
  • 0:38 Purpose of Employee Surveys
  • 1:23 Templates for Surveys
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: A. Casey Carr-Jones

Casey Carr-Jones holds a Bachelor's degree in English & Psychology. She is currently a PHR-certified Human Resources Consultant.

An employee engagement survey is an effective way to measure the engagement of staff for the purposes of company improvement. This lesson discusses the purpose of administering such a survey, categories and types of questions asked, and where to find templates and services to assist with the administration.

Overheard at the Water Cooler

Bob and Janice are two employees at a mid-size finance company. They were taking an afternoon break around the water cooler and complaining about the lack of communication from senior management, when Lauren from Human Resources walked by. They got quiet and pretended not to notice her, but Lauren doubled back.

'I heard your thoughts on communication. Are other people feeling this way?' Bob and Janice nodded. Lauren decided she needed a tool to measure staff engagement with the company. After speaking with her boss, she designed an employee engagement survey.

Purpose of Employee Surveys

An employee engagement survey is a survey that gathers the insight about employees and measures their engagement. There are several reasons why a company would administer an employee engagement survey. For example, the primary purpose is to measure employee engagement. Companies can measure engagement by looking at employee advancement and promotion, leadership, training, and recognition.

It also assesses results and creates an action plan to encourage engagement. Surveys also work to encourage employee communication. An instrument like a survey allows all employees to have a voice and shows them that their opinions are valued. Lastly, it works to benchmark the company's results and compare and identify industry-specific issues.

Templates for Surveys

Questions on an employee engagement survey should address categories like fairness, teamwork, work/life balance, feedback from managers, opportunities for growth, mission and purpose, compensation, respect for employees, and communication, among others.

Questions may be free-form response, yes/no options, true/false, or on a scale (for example, options might be strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree, or the employee might have to rank something on a scale from 1 to 5).

Some common and effective questions on an employee engagement survey are:

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