Employee Feedback Methods: Surveys & Questions

Instructor: Savannah Samoszuk

Savannah has over eight years of hotel management experience and holds a master's degree in leadership.

Taking care of employees is an important part of any business. This lesson will look at employee feedback methods including surveys and types of questions to use.

Employee Feedback

John is a dedicated employee who has been with ABC Solutions for ten years. The company feels John is a loyal employee who is happy with his job. However, it was recently discovered that John had been applying for jobs outside of the company. Why was John looking for another job? Was he unhappy? The company did not know the answers to these questions and was frustrated to lose a long term employee.

Employees are essential assets for any company. Without employees, it is very hard to meet production goals, keep customers happy, and run the day-to-day business. This is why it is important for companies to solicit employee feedback. Just like receiving feedback from customers, companies need feedback from employees to know how they are doing. In the case of John looking for other jobs, soliciting feedback could have helped the company determine areas where they were not satisfying their employees.

Employee feedback refers to perceptions and opinions on workplace matters from an employee perspective. Obtaining employee feedback can be challenging because sometimes employees do not want to cause conflict or share sensitive information. This is why there are different methods of getting employee feedback. One method of receiving employee feedback is through employee surveys.

Employee Surveys

An old way of soliciting employee feedback was the employee suggestion box. Employees would anonymously write suggestions on pieces of paper and drop them in a box for review by management. This method did not prove to be the most useful for providing feedback to management. The suggestion box method only worked if employees came up with ideas for management. This method did not ask employees about specific areas of the company.

A new way of soliciting employee feedback that has developed over the last decade involves employee surveys. An employee survey is a list of questions sent to employees to solicit anonymous feedback about working environment and management. An employee survey is typically anonymous, which helps address the issue of keeping employees' comments confidential. It also allows the company to ask specific questions on areas that they need information. The survey format is also beneficial because it allows the company to receive feedback in the form of data that can be easily compared to results from other surveys or questionnaires. Let's take a look at the different types of questions that make an effective survey.

Types of Questions

Similar to soliciting feedback from customers, employee surveys are intended to determine employee satisfaction. The format allows companies to ask specific and general questions to gain insight into how their employees feel about their job and working environment. There are online companies that will administer the survey to the employees and provide the data to the company. The company can use a template of questions or create their own. Here are some examples of topics and questions that companies can use on an employee survey.

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