Employment Development Department's Required Postings

Instructor: Ian Lord

Ian has an MBA and is a real estate investor, former health professions educator, and Air Force veteran.

In this lesson we will look at the the California Employment Development Department's required postings and written notices to employees that must be made by employers.

Employment Development Department Required Postings

Joy owns and manages a local bakery in a Silicon Valley suburb and has a few part- and full-time employees. The State of California, through its Employment Development Department, requires Joy to post a notice informing her employees of specific rights related to unemployment, disability, and paid family leave programs. The EDD also requires Joy to give specific notices to employees under certain situations. Let's review the content of these notices in a bit more detail.


When Joy registers her business with the EDD as is required of an employer, the department provides her with a poster to display in a conspicuous area visible to the employees. This notice identifies a combination of three specific pamphlets that Joy must give to an employee if the employee is subject to all or some of California's unemployment, disability, or paid family leave programs. Joy will receive one of three posters based on the programs for which her employees are eligible. These posters inform employees of Joy's employer obligation to provide them with the following pamphlets as appropriate.

The first pamphlet is DE 2320, titled For Your Benefit: California's Programs for the Unemployed. It is more than 25 pages long and contains detailed information about California's unemployment, disability, paid family leave programs, and job service benefits, including eligibility, application procedures, and benefit amounts. The second is DE 2515, Disability Insurance Provisions. This pamphlet is significantly shorter at two pages, but contains detailed eligibility and application procedures as well as rights and obligations for workers going on disability. The last of the pamphlets is DE 2511, Paid Family Leave, which defines who is eligible for paid family leave and under what circumstances as well as the application process and individual legal rights.


Aside from the posters and pamphlets, Joy must also give required notices at certain times. Employees must be notified of federal and California Earned Income Tax Credit laws. These tax credits are refundable, meaning the credit can be paid to the worker even if the credit amount is larger than his or her tax bill, to a worker who meets income and family size requirements.

Specific personnel actions also require written documentation be given to the employees. If one of Joy's employees is discharged, laid off, takes a leave of absence, or has some other change in employment status written notice must be given immediately. Employees voluntarily leaving, promotions, demotions, or changes of work location do not require immediate written notice.

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