Endangered Frogs: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Jennifer Lowery

Jennifer has taught elementary levels K-3 and has master's degrees in elementary education and curriculum/instruction and educational leadership.

Many different types of frogs around the world are becoming endangered. In this lesson, learn about frog species that are endangered and find out why these animals have populations that are getting dangerously small.

Endangered Animals

Do you ever see frogs hopping along in grassy areas? These frogs might be animals that are endangered. This means that their population numbers are getting so low that scientists think that they are in danger of no longer existing. Can you imagine a world without frogs? We need them here on our planet because they like to eat all kinds of insects, and without them there would be bugs everywhere!

Mississippi Gopher Frog

Frogs are amphibians, which means they are cold-blooded animals that live partly on land and partly in water. The Mississippi gopher frog is one that used to hang out along the coastal areas of Louisiana, around the Mississippi River, and in areas of Alabama. Now they are only found in small areas of Mississippi. These creatures are brownish black, with warts covering their bodies.

The Mississippi gopher frog lives in areas of Mississippi, and there are very few of these frogs left.
gopher frog

At one time there were only about 100 of these frogs remaining, and their population has declined for several reasons. They are often killed because of floods or droughts (which are long periods without rain) that occur in their habitat, or environment where they live. Their environment is also decreasing due to more development by humans.

Cinchona Plantation Frog

Quick! What's that small brown thing jumping from leaf to leaf? That's a Cinchona plantation frog, and it lives in areas of Costa Rica and Panama. This frog is very close to becoming extinct, or no longer in existence. Scientists believe this is because many of these frogs have died from diseases. There are some areas of Panama and Costa Rica where they are protected, in an effort to help increase their population.

Cinchona plantation frogs are found in areas of Costa Rica and Panama.

Mountain Chicken River Frog

Can you guess where the mountain chicken river frog lives? You probably think the mountains, but its name just tricked you! This amphibian lives in the lower areas of islands in the Caribbean. It once was very common throughout the Caribbean, but now it lives on just two islands.

Despite its name, the mountain chicken river frog actually lives in lower areas in the Caribbean.
mountain chicken frog

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