Endangered Species: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Elizabeth Foster

Elizabeth has been involved with tutoring since high school and has a B.A. in Classics.

Learn about species that are endangered, or in danger of going extinct. The Red List names all the endangered species in the world and tells you how much danger they're in. Endangered species include pandas, jaguars, bluefin tuna, and many other animals.

Endangered Species

When you're outside in the summer being eaten alive by mosquitoes, you might wish you could kill every single mosquito in the world. They're so annoying! Sadly, mosquitoes aren't in any danger of dying out, but some kinds of animals are. They're called endangered species. And sadly, most endangered species aren't annoying like mosquitoes; they're cool animals like tigers and wolves.

You can tell what 'endangered' means just by saying it out loud. 'Endangered' sounds like 'in danger,' and that's exactly what it means. When a species is endangered, it's in danger of disappearing, or going extinct. If a species goes extinct, it means there are no more animals of that species still alive.

Why are Some Species Endangered?

Most endangered species are in trouble because of people. People are doing things likeā€¦

  • Hunting animals for food or entertainment. For example, the black rhinoceros is endangered because people hunt and kill them for sport. The bluefin tuna is endangered because people hunt them and kill them for food.
  • Destroying the places where animals live. For example, pandas need to live in bamboo forests, because bamboo is the only thing that pandas can eat. Pandas are endangered because people are cutting down bamboo forests to build roads.

Sumatran tiger

Sometimes, an animal is endangered for both reasons. For example, the Sumatran tiger only lives in forests on the island of Sumatra. People are cutting down those forests to build farms, so they're destroying the only place where the tigers can live. People also hunt the tigers and kill them. So the tigers are in double trouble.

The Endangered Species List

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN for short) keeps a list called the Red List of which species are endangered. The list has different levels:

  • Critically endangered: very high risk of going extinct. Black rhinos, Sumatran tigers, and some other species are critically endangered.
  • Endangered: high risk of going extinct. Blue whales, chimpanzees, and some other species are endangered.
  • Vulnerable: at risk of being endangered. Cheetahs, polar bears, and some other species are vulnerable.
  • Near threatened: not in trouble yet, but might be in the future. Jaguars, Emperor penguins, and some other species are near threatened.
  • Least concern: doing fine and not in any danger. Most species of frogs, rats, sparrows, and common animals are species of least concern.

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