Enemy Pie Activities for Kids

Instructor: Kristen Goode

Kristen has been an educator for 25+ years - as a classroom teacher, a school administrator, and a university instructor. She holds a doctorate in Education Leadership.

Derek Munson's book, 'Enemy Pie,' is a clever story about a boy struggling to befriend the new kid on the block. He views this new boy as his enemy, but his dad helps him figure out how to rid himself of this new enemy.

Enemy Pie

Enemy Pie teaches an important lesson about friendship. To extend learning, you can allow your students to participate in activities that relate to the book and its theme. The following activities have been created for use with lower to middle elementary students and can be used as a means of using Enemy Pie to teach valuable lessons.


Use this activity as a way to encourage story retell.

Materials: large construction paper, pencil, crayons

  • Give each student a large piece of white construction paper.
  • Demonstrate for students how to use a pencil and divide the paper into three sections.
  • Label each section with the words Beginning, Middle, and End.
  • Next, ask students to write 2-3 sentences and draw a picture in each section showing what happened at the beginning, middle, and end of the story.

8 Ways to Show Kindness

In the story, the dad cuts the Enemy Pie into 8 pieces. Use this pie-themed activity to encourage students to think of ways they can show kindness to their friends.

Materials: piece of paper with large circle drawn on it, rulers, pencils, crayons

  • Give each student a piece of paper with a large circle drawn it. Explain that the circle is a pie.
  • Demonstrate for students how to use a ruler to divide their pie into 8 pieces. Allow time for them to follow suit.
  • Next, ask students to think of ways that they can show kindness to others (specifically, to their friends).
  • In each piece of the pie, have students write down one way they show kindness.
  • Once complete, students will all have a pie showing 8 different ways to show kindness.
  • Allow students to color their circles so that they look like pies. Be sure they are careful not to hide what they have written on each piece.

Favorite Pie Graph

While students are thinking about pie, have them complete an activity that teaches graphing skills.

Materials: a cut out of a blank piece of pie for each student, crayons or markers, tape, access to white board or bulletin board for use as a visual display

  • Begin by holding a class discussion about favorite kinds of pie.
  • Narrow the field by identifying 4-5 of the most commonly mentioned types of pie.
  • On the board (or on a wall or bulletin board) write the types of pie in a vertical list. Consider that you are setting up what will become a horizontal graph, so organize the names of pies accordingly.
  • Give each student a blank piece of pie.
  • Instruct students to choose their favorite out of the types of pies listed and color their piece to look like that kind of pie. On the back, have them write the name of the kind of pie they have colored.
  • One at a time, have students come up and place their 'vote' for a favorite type of pie by taping it next to its name. As students come up, they will line up their pie piece so that the other students are able to see a graph begin to take shape before them.
  • After everyone has placed a piece of pie on the graph, tally up the votes for each type and hold a conversation:
    • Which type of pie got the most votes?
    • Which type got the least votes?
    • How many votes did such-and-such pie and such-and-such pie get together?
    • Ask additional questions to inspire thinking and discussion.

Venn Diagram (Finding Similarities)

The boy in the book was able to call Jeremy a friend, rather than an enemy, because he learned that they had several things in common. Use this activity to encourage students to find similarities between themselves and others.

Materials: pre-printed copies of a large Venn diagram, pencils

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