England Facts: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Diane Sieverson

Diane has taught all subjects at the elementary level, was the principal of a K-8 private school and has a master's degree in Measurement and Evaluation.

England is a small nation on the continent of Europe. This lesson will teach you about England, where you can find it on a map, what country it is part of, how it got its name, and some other neat facts about it.

Where is England?

Imagine standing on a busy street on a cool, cloudy day. You are in a new city and are excited to take a tour and see what kinds of fun things there are to do during your visit. Suddenly, a bright red bus with two stories pulls up and you step on board, making your way to the upper level. You have a great view as the bus pulls into traffic. You are riding on a famous red double-decker bus in England!

England is a nation on the island of Great Britain in Europe. Some people get England confused with Great Britain and even the United Kingdom. They're all closely related, but let's go over the differences, just in case.

England in green on the island of Great Britain
England in green on the island of Great Britain

The United Kingdom (U.K.) is a group of independent countries that have a super-strong alliance. The four countries that make up the United Kingdom are Northern Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Three of the four countries in the U.K. are located on the island of Great Britain. Scotland is to the north, England is to the south, and Wales is to the west of England.

England is about the same size as Alabama and its capital city is London, which is in the southeastern part of the country. It's also the capital of the United Kingdom!

English is the most widely-spoken language there, so you would have no problem talking to people when you visit.

England was once called Engla land, meaning 'Land of the Angles' (pronounced ANG-gulls). It got that name because the people who invaded and settled there during the 5th century were from Germany, and some were called Angles.

Kings and Queens

Although kings and queens used to rule the United Kingdom, including England, they don't have any real power any more. Queen Elizabeth II has been Queen of England since 1952. She serves as a symbol and figurehead for the United Kingdom, but doesn't make any laws.

You probably only have one house, but the queen has several. Buckingham Palace is her official home in London, England.

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace

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