Enregistrer: Definition, Conjugation & Synonyms

Instructor: Susan Binkley

Susan has taught college-level French and has a PhD in French studies.

In this lesson, we will learn how to use the verb 'enregistrer,' which has several meanings. It can mean to record, to save (a file), and to check (bags). We'll look at situations where you might hear it, view the conjugation, and learn a few sentences with the verb.

Using the Verb Enregistrer

The verb enregistrer (pronounced: ahn rezh ee stray) has many different meanings and uses. Let's take a look at some situations where you might hear it.

Enregistrer: To Check (Bags)

You're at the airport, ready to fly home after a fantastic summer traveling around France. The clerk at the airline's check-in counter asks you, 'Vous enregistrez (pronounced: voo zhahn rezh ee stray) vos baggages?' ('Are you checking your bags?')

'Oui, j'enregistre (pronounced: zhan rezh ee struh) deux valises,' you answer. ('Yes, I'm checking two suitcases'.)

You then motion to one of your friends, Anne, who is also checking a bag. 'Elle enregistre (pronounced: el ahn rezh ee struh) une valise,' you tell the airline employee. ('She is checking one suitcase.')

Enregistrer une valise. To check one bag.

Enregistrer: To Record

Now you and Anne are near the gate but not yet ready to board. She takes out her phone and starts recording a video of your last moments in France--in the airport!

'Tu enregistres (pronounced: too ahn rezh ee struh) un vidéo?' you ask her. ('Are you recording a video?')

'Oui, j'enregistre un vidéo,' she answers. ('Yes, I'm recording a video.') She looks over at some other friends from your tour group and says, 'Ils enregistrent (pronounced: eel zahn rezh ee struh) un vidéo aussi.' ('They're recording a video, too.')

Il enregistre. He is recording.

Enregistrer: To Save (A File)

When Anne is done recording, you both crowd around the phone to see the video. You think it's pretty good, so she should be sure to save it.

'Enregistrez (pronounced: ahn rezh ee stray) le fichier,' or, 'Save the file,' you tell her.

Elle enregistre le fichier. She is saving the file.
save file

Did you notice the different uses of enregistrer? Enregistrer can be used in several different ways for different meanings, such as to save a file, to record a video or audio, and to check your bags.

Enregistrer is the infinitive form of the verb, or the basic form. But we need to conjugate it, or put it in the appropriate form, when we use it with a pronoun, such as il to say 'he is recording': il enregistre.

Forms of Enregistrer

Let's take a look at enregistrer in the present tense for all the forms. Below is the conjugation chart. The translation column will show the meaning for recording, as in recording audio or video:

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