ESL Family Vocabulary: Word List & Games

Instructor: Erin Rowe

Erin is currently teaching English at a university in South Korea and has a Master's degree in Education.

Teaching and learning vocabulary words and phrases can sometimes be a repetitive and boring lesson. Adding games and fun activities to ingrain this knowledge can add a level of interest that will be both engaging and interesting.

Family Vocabulary Activities and Games

The tasks included in this lesson will have students relate better to their teacher, show their prior knowledge of the topic, create colorful art that can then be displayed in the classroom, and get up and moving.

Family Vocabulary Word List

Parent(s) Father Daddy Dad Stepfather
Single Father Mother Mommy Mom Stepmother
Single Mother Daughter Stepdaughter Son Stepson
Stepchildren Stepchild Stepsister Stepbrother Twins
Sister Brother Grandparent(s) Grandfather Grandmother
Grandchild Grandchildren Granddaughter Grandson Niece
Nephew Cousin Aunt Uncle Blended family
Single parent family Husband Wife Mother-in-law Father-in-law
Daughter-in-law Son-in-law Brother-in-law Sister-in-law Sibling(s)

Brainstorm for Prior Knowledge

This can be an introductory activity as you start the family vocabulary unit.

Materials needed: Whiteboard/chalkboard

The teacher will write Family Members in the center of the board and ask the students to brainstorm words of family members that they already know. The teacher will then add family members that students may have missed and give a brief description of them.

Engaging the Students with a Personal Touch

This lesson will show students a personal side of the teacher. This can increase teacher/student connection and form a stronger bond within the classroom.

Materials needed: PowerPoint presentation

The teacher will begin this lesson by showing a PowerPoint of his/her family and describing the role of each person that is seen in the picture. While showing the PowerPoint, the teacher can tell personal stories about their family to engage the interest of the students.

Describe Your Family

This is an extension of the above activity that involves the students describing their family members.

Materials needed: Blank sheet of paper for each group, writing utensils

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