ESL Making Arrangements Vocabulary

Instructor: Matthew Hamel

Matt has degrees in Journalism and Business and has taught a variety of courses at high schools and universities around the world.

English language learners encounter a variety of topics over the course of their education. This lesson focuses on the vocabulary and phrases that students can use when making arrangements.

Importance of Arranging Language

There are a number of reasons why making arrangements is a helpful and essential topic for ESL (English as a Second Language) students to understand. First of all, the ability to make arrangements in English can help students connect with peers and become involved with social events. Knowing arrangement vocabulary can also enable students to better plan activities and keep important appointments organized. Finally, making accurate arrangements is a valuable life skill that will benefit your learners both inside and outside of the classroom.

Making Arrangements Vocabulary and Phrases

Before using the activities, write the following vocabulary and phrases on the blackboard to review with your students. Be sure to demonstrate correct pronunciation and provide examples of how and when the phrases can be used.

  • This morning / afternoon / evening
  • Today / tomorrow
  • This weekend / this Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.
  • Next week / next month / next year
  • When is _____?
  • It's on _____.
  • Are you available on _____?
  • Can you come to _____ on _____ at _____?
  • It's before / after _____.
  • Yes, I can make it.
  • I'm unavailable / busy that day / busy that time.
  • Thank you for asking, but _____.

As you review the vocabulary, encourage students to add other related words and phrases they know.

Let's Make it Happen

This activity enables your students to practice using the lesson vocabulary through conversation.

  1. Arrange the desks into rows of front-to-front desks so that students will face each other.
  2. Ensure that each student has a piece of paper and a pen / pencil.
  3. Have students write down two questions that use making arrangements vocabulary. For example: ''Are you available on Tuesday?'' or ''When is your birthday party?''
  4. Instruct students to sit at the desks and ask and answer the questions with the facing classmate. Students should record their classmates' answers.
  5. After the questions have been asked and answered, each student should move one desk to the right and repeat the process with a new classmate until each student has asked every other student the questions.
  6. Bring the class together and ask for volunteers to share both their questions and the answers they received.
  7. Identify and review any grammar or pronunciation errors and discuss which aspects of the activity students found difficult.

Important Appointment

There are a variety of appointments students may need to keep. Arranging medical appointments, social engagements, important test dates, and employment responsibilities all require working knowledge of proper arrangement language. This activity utilizes arrangement vocabulary in practical ways. Begin the activity by writing the following information on the blackboard:

Lucy's Day

8:00am - Meet Sammy at the bus stop

8:30am - Math class

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