ESL Pronunciation Games & Activities

Instructor: Erin Rowe

Erin is currently teaching English at a university in South Korea and has a Master's degree in Education.

Speaking English with a strong foreign accent can make it difficult for people to understand what you are saying. Pronunciation is an important skill for English language learners to master to increase their communicative ability.

ESL Pronunciation Games & Activities

The fun tasks and activities included in this lesson are designed to improve students pronunciation in order to increase their perceived English speaking competence, improve their communicative ability, and help them to master the English language at a faster pace.

Minimal Pair Bingo

This game will help students practice their listening skills by determining the phonological difference between two words that vary by a single sound. This can be played every week by adding a new sound combination.

Materials needed: A variety of different 5x5 Bingo cards with an example of a minimal pair in each box, dry erase markers and a box

How to Play

The teacher will distribute Bingo cards to all the students. The cards should have 25 spaces including the free space in the middle and not have the same placement of words. This allows students to practice 12 minimal pair sets. The teacher will start out as 'the caller.' They will reach into the box and draw out one of the minimal pair words and call it out to the students. The students must use their listening skills to help them determine which of the minimal pair is being called out. The first student to get a line will be the winner and can then become the new caller.

Minimal Pair Relay Race

This running dictation game is a fun kinesthetic activity that will focus on students listening, speaking, and writing skills.

Materials needed: Paper, pencils, erasers, and tape

How to Play

The teacher will have paper with a variety of minimal pairs written on it in sentence form or as a single word, these papers will be taped on the wall at one end of the room. Sentence A uses one minimal pair and sentence B has the other. For example:

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