ESL Speech & Presentation Topics

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  • 0:03 Presentation Topics
  • 0:45 Hobbies and Careers
  • 1:58 News and Current Events
  • 2:33 Personal Experiences
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Jacob Compton

Jacob has taught ESL in three Asian countries and has a master's degree in education.

This lesson offers several different topic categories for your ESL students to present in class. The lesson provides suggestions for various levels of language learning, and topics range from personal experiences to current events.

Presentation Topics

Have you ever listened to multiple speeches on the same topic? It can be mind-numbing and might even put you to sleep! So, it's important for instructors to provide ESL students with varying topics for speeches. In this way, the audience can stay interested in every oral presentation.

Providing a range of topics to choose from also allows the speaker to talk about a subject they're passionate about. For instance, some students may want to talk about a personal experience or their jobs, while others may be interested in giving a speech on current events, movies, or books. Let's look at some potential topic ideas for ESL students.

Hobbies and Careers

Your students may enjoy presenting on personal topics, such as their hobbies or careers. They might present on music or art that they find particularly engaging. Students who are avid collectors of comics, figurines, bugs, and other items may enjoy giving a speech on their hobby or the items themselves. A presentation about a hobby is a time to show off something that a student loves to do. However, instructors should be wary of letting students present on certain hobbies. For instance, if a student sings opera for fun, advise them to keep sound levels and speech duration in mind.

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