Esperanza Rising Chapter 10-14 Summaries

Instructor: Mary Evans

Mary has taught elementary school for six years and has a master's degree in education.

The cards are stacked against Esperanza. Mama is so sick she could die, Abuelita is still in Mexico, and Esperanza is living a life she just doesn't seem cut out to live. Read this summary of chapters 10-14 in 'Esperanza Rising' to see if Esperanza finds hope despite it all.

Las Papas (Potatoes)

Mama's health continues to fade, and she is put into a hospital. She is sick and depressed, and Esperanza knows Mama needs Abuelita if she is going to recover. So Esperanza gets a job cutting potato eyes to pay for Abuelita's travel. Talk of strikes continues, and the strikers may even harm those Mexicans who do not join them. Christmas comes and goes, and Mama doesn't even wake to say hello when Esperanza visits her in the hospital.

Los Aguacates (Avacados)

It is the beginning of spring. Mama has pneumonia, and Esperanza is not allowed to visit her for at least a month. To get her mind off of her worries, Hortensia sends Esperanza to market with Miguel. On the way home, they pick up Marta and her mother and give them a ride back to their camp. Esperanza sees that many people are living in terrible conditions so much worse than hers, and Marta warns them about the danger of not joining an upcoming strike. Miguel celebrates getting a job as a railroad mechanic to replace workers who are striking.

Los Esparragos (Asparagus)

The strikers are increasingly active. Esperanza has to cross a picket line of people yelling and throwing rocks to go to work. A picket line is like a boundary set by workers on strike to deter other workers from working. Eventually, things get so bad that there is a government raid and hundreds of strikers and their families are deported to Mexico. Some of them are even American citizens, but that does not matter. Esperanza realizes it is unfair and even helps Marta avoid capture. But when she goes to check Marta's camp the next day, she finds that immigration officers have raided their camp, too, and everyone is gone.

Los Duraznos (Peaches)

Isabel wants nothing more than to be May Queen at school, but everyone knows the teacher will find a way not to choose a Mexican. Miguel is forced to dig ditches instead of working on engines because a new group of men from Oklahoma is willing to work for half price. Nothing seems fair. Esperanza loses her temper with Miguel, and he leaves for northern California. In a moment of true personal growth, Esperanza gives Isabel the doll Papa had given her. Mama comes home from the hospital, and Esperanza is understandably devastated when she discovers that all the money she has been saving is gone!

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