Essential Questions for Art

Instructor: David Wood

David has taught Honors Physics, AP Physics, IB Physics and general science courses. He has a Masters in Education, and a Bachelors in Physics.

Studying art opens up a lot of questions for students to think about and discuss. Check out this list of possible questions students can focus on in an art class.

Art Essential Questions

Art is a vital part of the human experience. A lot of people do not feel complete without some outlet for creativity, and many might say that art is one of the aspects of life that makes it worth living. When we study art, we are not just learning how to create it, but we're studying this form of human expression and discovering its meaning to ourselves and our society. Art has also had a large influence on culture and history which cannot be underestimated. Art plays an intricate part in how we define ourselves.

This lesson will provide a list of thought-provoking questions that are essential for an art class. This list shows just how much there is to debate, discuss, and think about art and its place in the world.

General Art Questions

  • What is art and why is it created?
  • How do we interpret works of art?
  • Is the intention of the artist more or less important than the interpretation of the person who is experiencing the art?
  • How and why can art be critiqued?
  • What is the difference between art and communication?
  • How does art impact the quality of our lives?
  • What are the benefits of experiencing art?
  • How does art change the way we think about a particular topic?
  • What do I like about art?
  • What do I find inspiring, and how can this inspiration be channeled into art?
  • To what extent is environmental design art? How do people make choices about the spaces in which they live their lives?
  • Why do people like to display art?
  • How has modern technology impacted art?
  • What makes a particular piece of art appeal to you?
  • What feelings and emotions do you get while looking at art?
  • How do form, medium, color, texture, mood, and subject combine together to make a piece of art?

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