Ethics in Project Management

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  • 0:52 Ethics in Project Management
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Rana Abourizk

Rana has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and is pursuing a Doctorial Degree. She has been teaching online for over a year. She has a strong business background.

This lesson explores what ethics means in project management and why it's important. By the end of the lesson, you'll be able to identify ethical and unethical situations in project management.

The Ethical Project Manager

Vanessa owns a jewelry store. The store has done so well that she's decided to open another one in a nearby state. Many of her customers drive from the nearby state to buy her jewelry, so this would be a great idea to keep existing customers happy and buying. Vanessa hires a project manager, Maria, to come up with an estimate of how much everything will cost and how fast she could open the store, and to research risks of opening the store in that location.

Maria has been a project manager for over 15 years. She has a good reputation for being honest, doing what's right, and giving accurate information to her clients. Maria is a good example of someone who knows what ethics means in project management. Her reports are always on point, she doesn't over-bill her clients, and she gives precise reporting information.

Ethics in Project Management

Ethics in project management means making decisions that are believed to be right and honest, not wrong and deceiving. These decisions won't be viewed as selfish, sneaky, or negative to others. One who has good ethical sense conducts business in a fair, trustworthy, and respectful way. This person also advocates ethics in the workplace, and if she sees unethical behavior, she reports it. She is an example to others. She creates a great work environment that believes in doing the right thing. The company also gains because it builds a principled, just, and reliable team.

Ethical Issues in Project Management

There are several ethical situations that can arise in project management. Acting unethically in these situations can be detrimental to both the project and company. Some examples of unethical behavior include:

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