Ethnoscapes: Definition & Impact on Global Cultural Flow

Instructor: Artem Cheprasov
This lesson goes over the concept of ethnoscapes. We'll first define it, understand its key elements, and then go over numerous examples of it in various fields.

What is Ethnoscapes?

Whether at school or at work, you exchange ideas with people. Whether you exchange those ideas online or in-person, the flow of information may lead to all sorts of cultural, political, financial, and other changes.

This is the basic idea behind ethnoscapes. Let's define this concept and then showcase numerous examples of it throughout history and in different fields.

Ethnoscapes refers to people that move around in the world, as well as the ideas that move with them, and the impact such motion has.

What kind of people? Well, it can be anyone that is moving from one location to another. This could be refugees, immigrants, temporary workers, students studying abroad, tourists, traveling businessmen and women, digital nomads, and so forth.

All such individuals bring along with them new ideas, information, politics, cultural elements, and so forth to their new place of residence.

Impact on Global Cultural Flow

As you can imagine, this can have a great impact on the exchange of ideas and information, or global cultural flow. As people move, their ideas move with them and this may change local, national, or even global concepts at the scientific, business, personal, and cultural level (among others).

Let's take at numerous examples of what is meant by this:

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