Europe Political Map Games

Instructor: Caitlin Ferraiolo Brady

Caitlin is a sixth grade geography teacher in Connecticut. She holds a Master's Degree in Educational Techonology.

The political geography of Europe is an exciting content topic that is perfect for educational game play. This lesson is a compilation of games that students can play to learn and review the political geography of Europe.

What is the Political Geography of Europe?

The continent of Europe is divided up into many countries. These divisions make up the political geography of that continent. The following picture is a map showing the political geography of Europe:

map of europe

Why Games?

Games are a versatile tool to use in a geography class. They directly engage students with the content, cater to a variety of learning styles and encourage collaboration between students. The novelty of game play and the element of competition can involve even your most hesitant learner.

Geography Dice


  • Action poster
  • Several dice
  • Paper


  • Create a large sign or poster showing the six numbered sides of a die. For each of the six numbers, give an action to be completed when that number is rolled-
    • One- Draw your country
    • Two- Give a relative location for your country
    • Three- Name the region this country is found in
    • Four- Locate your country on the map
    • Five- Name the capital of your country
    • Six- Your choice (students can pick any of the other actions to complete)

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