European Countries in French

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Amy has taught all levels of high school French and holds a Master of Arts in Teaching French and English as a Second Language.

Europe is home to some of the smallest countries in the world as well as the largest country in the world, Russia. In this lesson, you'll learn the French names of European countries and the prepositions to use when speaking about them.

European Countries in French

European Flags

L'Europe (pronounced: ö-rop) is a continent of more than forty different countries or pays. They vary in size, spoken languages, and history. Similarities exist between some countries in various regions, or régions. The countries can be grouped into three major regions: l'Europe du Nord (Northern Europe), l'Europe de l'Ouest (Western Europe) and l'Europe de l'Est (Eastern Europe).

En Europe du Nord

En Europe du Nord, there is Le Royaume uni or United Kingdom, comprised of L'Angleterre (England), l'Écosse (Scotland), and le Pays de Galle (Wales). Farther north is la Scandinavie (Scandinavia), including the countries of le Danemark (Denmark), la Norvège (Norway), la Suède (Sweden) and la Finlande (Finland).

En Europe de l'Ouest

En Europe de l'Ouest, you find the six founding member nations of l'Union européenne (the European Union). They are la France (France), l'Italie (Italy), l'Allemagne (Germany), la Belgique (Belgium), les Pays-Bas (the Netherlands) and le Luxembourg (Luxembourg). Four of the smallest countries in the world are also found here: le Liechtenstein (Liechtenstein), Saint Marin (San Marino), Monaco and le Vatican (the Vatican).

En Europe de l'Est

En Europe de l'Est, in Eastern Europe, you'll find countries that have only been sovereign since the 1990s. Some of those countries are la Croatie (Croatia) and la Bosnie-Herzogovine (Bosnia-Herzogovina).

Here is a complete list of all the countries of Europe by region.

L'Europe du Nord (ö-rop dü nor)

country pronunciation gender translation
l'Angleterre ahn-gluh-tehr f. England
le Danemark dan-mahrk m. Denmark
l'Écosse ay-kos f. Scotland
l'Estonie es-toh-nee f. Estonia
la Finlande fuhn-lahnd f. Finland
l'Irlande eer-lahnd f. Ireland
l'Islande ees-lahnd f. Iceland
la Lettonie leh-toh-nee f. Latvia
la Lituanie lee-tuh-ah-nee f. Lithuania
la Norvège nor-vezh f. Norway
le Pays de Galle pay-ee duh gahl m. Wales
la Suède swed f. Sweden

L'Europe de l'Ouest (ö-rop duh lwest)

country pronunciation gender translation
l'Allemagne ah-luh-mah-nyuh f. Germany
l'Andorre ahn-dor f. Andorra
l'Autriche oh-treesh f. Austria
la Belgique bel-zheek f. Belgium
l'Espagne es-pa-nyuh f. Spain
la France frahns f. France
la Grèce gress f. Greece
l'Italie ee-tah-lee f. Italy
le Liechtenstein leesh-ten-shtine m. Liechstenstein
le Luxembourg lük-sem-boorg m. Luxembourg
Malte mahlt m. Malta
Monaco mo-nah-koh m. Monaco
les Pays-Bas pay-ee bah m. pl. Netherlands
Saint-Marin suhn mar-uhn m. San Marino
la Suisse sweess f. Switzerland
le Vatican vah-tee-kahn m. Vatican

L'Europe de l'Est (ö-rop duh lest)

country pronunciation gender translation
l'Arménie ar-may-nee f. Armenia
l'Azerbaïdjan ah-zehr-biy-jahn m. Azerbaijan
la Biélorussie bee-ayl-oh-rü-see f. Belarus
la Bosnie-Herzogovine boz-nee-ehr-zo-go-veen f. Bosnia and Herzogovina
la Bulgarie bül-gah-ree f. Bulgaria
Chypre shee-pruh f. Cyprus
la Croatie croh-ah-see f. Croatia
la Géorgie zhay-or-zhee f. Georgia
la Hongrie ohn-gree f. Hungary
le Kosovo koh-soh-voh m. Kosovo
la Macédoine mah-say-dwahn f. Macedonia
la Moldavie mol-dah-vee f. Moldova
le Monté-Négro mohn-tay-nay-groh m. Montenegro
la République slovaque sloh-vah-kee f. Slovakia
la République tchèque ray-püb-leek chek f. Czech Republic
la Roumanie roo-mahn-ee f. Romania
la Russie rüh-see f. Russia
la Serbie sehr-bee f. Serbia
la Slovénie sloh-vay-nee f. Slovenia
la Turquie tür-kee f. Turkey
l'Ukraine ü-kren f. Ukraine

Map of Europe

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