Evoked Set in Marketing: Definition & Explanation

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  • 0:03 What Is an Evoked Set?
  • 1:10 Arriving at an Evoked Set
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Beth Loy

Dr. Loy has a Ph.D. in Resource Economics; master's degrees in economics, human resources, and safety; and has taught masters and doctorate level courses in statistics, research methods, economics, and management.

Marketers want their brand to be part of an evoked set. This is the group of brands most likely to be purchased. It's narrowed down from a total set to an awareness set and then an evoked set. Learn more in this lesson about an evoked set.

What Is an Evoked Set?

Tim is interested in buying a new riding lawn mower. His old mower has given him problems for two years. It's been a good mower but it is ten years old and just needs too much maintenance. Tim's current mower is a John Deere. A few brands of riding lawn mowers come right to Tim's mind, including John Deere, Husqvarna, and Cub Cadet. This is Tim's evoked set of products. How did Tim arrive at this set of brands? When a customer wants to make a purchase and narrows down a product to a few brands, these brands are called an evoked set. These are the brands that are most familiar to the customer and quickly come to mind as quality products from which to make a purchase.

If you are marketing a product, you want to be in the evoked set of most consumers because customers will choose a product from this set. For dish soap, most of us think of Dawn, Joy, and Palmolive. For dishwashing detergent, we might think of Cascade, Finish, and OxiClean. These are evoked sets of products. They are the go-to brands that we automatically think of when we go to buy a product.

Arriving at an Evoked Set

Any marketer wants to be in the evoked set of most customers. Take Tim for example. He first has all of the available brands to choose from when purchasing his new riding lawnmower. In addition to his evoked set, he has Craftsman, Troy-Bilt, Toro, and some off-brands to choose from. This is called the total set, which includes all of the riding lawn mower brands available. Those off-brands are the riding lawn mowers that Tim doesn't know anything about. He automatically excludes these and now has an awareness set. This is the group of products he knows something about, but wants to know more about before he makes his purchase.

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