Executive Summaries in Business Reports and Proposals

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Jennifer Lombardo
Executive summaries in business reports and proposals provide a short, detailed synopsis of lengthy papers that allow business professionals to quickly make decisions. Let's take a deeper look at them in this lesson.

Executive Summary

Business reports and proposals serve an important function in finding solutions and making decisions and recommendations. Unfortunately, most reports and proposals can be difficult to read and comprehend quickly due to their length. In this lesson, you will learn that the solution is executive summaries, which provide a comprehensive, short summary of the report's key information.

Sometimes individuals read an executive summary to decide whether or not to read the entire report. It is critical that you grab the attention of the reader and offer interesting and vital details to ensure a proper understanding of the report. It should not just be an outline of the report. The executive summary should contain all pertinent information and be able to stand alone from the original business report. Let's take a more detailed look at executive summaries in the workplace.

Parts of Executive Summary

Black Iron is an amusement destination featuring numerous scary parks. A research team has completed a study on whether the company should develop a new theme park on scary stories and call it Paranormal World.

Black Iron's research team has submitted the report, and it consists of over six months of work resulting in three hundred pages of content. All of the top executives have made it clear that they will only be reading the summary. The team has to make sure the summary is precise, short, and detailed and contains the right information to persuade the executives that Paranormal World is a good company investment. The executive summary contains specific sections that offer an easy perusal for the reader. The summary consists of:

The subject matter contains the subject of the proposal. The team's subject matter is Investigation of Paranormal World.

The background problem details the reason for the report. The background problem for the Black Iron research team is to determine whether or not there is consumer demand for a theme park based on the supernatural.

The range of investigation determines how the information about the validity of the theme park will be determined. The team has decided to conduct multiple interviews of the target market via mall intercepts, online surveys, etc. The results are summarized in quick statistical tables within the executive summary.

The methods of analysis explains how the information collected was analyzed and processed. The executive summary will provide a notation of the methodology of analysis consisting of SPSS, or Statistical Packages for the Social Sciences, and other statistical software data crunching.

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