Precalculus Assignment - Exponential Functions & Logarithmic Functions

Instructor: Jennifer Pallister
This is an assignment to assess understanding of exponential functions and logarithmic functions. Updated: 08/06/2020

Instructions: Hand-write your responses on lined paper using proper log notation. Include all steps and show all your work.

1. Expand the logarithmic expression: log(x2 y5)

2. Condense the logarithmic expression: 2log(x) - 3log(y) + log(5)

3. Solve for x: log4 (22) = x

4. Solve for x: 16(x + 1) = 4(3x)

5. The population in Small Town, USA, is 5,000, and expected growth is 3% each year over 10 years. What is the total population after 10 years?

6. If you want to save $12,000 in seven years and believe you can invest at 7% interest, how much is your initial deposit?

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