Facebook Marketing Strategies

Instructor: Sean Kennedy

Sean has 8 years experience as a supervisor and has an MBA with a concentration in marketing.

Facebook is a social media website that helps companies have a strong social media presence. In this lesson, learn how creating Facebook marketing strategies can be very beneficial for businesses.

Facebook as a Marketing Platform

Facebook is not just used for posting selfies, or to post pictures of every meal you eat. If you are a restaurant owner, however, and want to use Facebook to post pictures of food from your restaurant, this helps bring in customers and is good for business. Facebook is used as a popular marketing platform for many businesses to not only gain new customers, but also keep loyal ones.

Posting Engaging Messages


When creating a Facebook page, it is vital to determine what information the company wants to convey to customers. Facebook is a useful social media outlet because companies have the ability to upload pictures, videos, or text directly to their page and reach a large audience. Facebook is a large social media outlet both small, and large businesses, can take advantage of. Posting engaging messages helps draw customers in to view information about the company. There are a large number of businesses on social media, so it helps to have a unique online presence.

An example of an engaging message would be a small florist posting a Facebook status for customers to tag a friend, and they both could win a $25 gift certificate. A drawing will make people share the company's status, which will help gain more online traffic. It is crucial for companies to create unique Facebook marketing messages to help gain more exposure. Messages should be both fun, and informative. Using Facebook, businesses have the ability to list work hours, new products, and current promotions among other things.

Creating Events

Facebook has the option for businesses to create events they can then send to current or potential customers. The events option is a good opportunity for the company to promote anything from live entertainment, sales, and any other special events. The events function helps bring awareness to what's happening, and also helps promote the company. Posting engaging messages into the event will help catch the reader's eye.

Suppose a new sports bar opens up in the area. The company plans on having a grand opening and wants to get the word out. A good option for the company would be for them to create an event and find people, on Facebook, in the area to invite to it. This will help get people to attend the grand opening, and build awareness.


Businesses now have the opportunity to post ads on Facebook that will appear on people's default home page. The Ad can contain any information the company wants to post. For a small local business, this could be helpful because they have the ability to choose how much money they want to spend on posting an ad. This option helps promote the company, and the business has the opportunity to choose its target audience according to its location. Ads are an effective way to help promote a business on Facebook for a short, or long, period of time.

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