Facilitation Techniques for Leading an Effective Meeting

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  • 0:03 Value of an Effective Meeting
  • 0:25 Preparing for a Meeting
  • 3:05 Facilitating a Meeting
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

Facilitating an effective meeting can be a satisfying challenge, if you are prepared and familiar with facilitation techniques. This lesson overviews how to meet the challenge of preparing for and facilitating a meeting.

Value of an Effective Meeting

Have you ever attended a meeting that went on and on but didn't seem to accomplish much? This can be frustrating and expensive. However, attending a meeting where important issues are discussed and decisions are made can be rewarding. Effective meeting preparation and facilitation can make the difference between wasting time and getting things done.

Preparing for a Meeting

If you attend or facilitate frequent meetings, you may be tempted to wing it rather than spend time preparing for each one. But if you're unprepared, meetings may take longer, be less productive, and more meetings may be needed! In the end, you can save time by preparing for a meeting.

Follow an Agenda

First of all, follow an agenda. An agenda provides a meeting schedule, participant list, discussion items, and action items for review. Preparing an agenda before a meeting ensures each person has a chance to add relevant items to the schedule. During the meeting, an agenda helps keep everyone focused on the discussion items. An agenda also lists projects underway so that their progress can be reviewed. An agenda helps ensure the meeting is effective and key issues are discussed.

Let's imagine you are the sales manager for a radio station. Each week there's a staff meeting to discuss station opportunities and issues. Over the past several months you had noticed that the staff meeting was running longer with fewer decisions being made. In fact, important issues were being ignored because the meeting was so disorganized. Then two weeks ago, the station manager implemented an agenda to help keep the meeting on track and discuss all relevant issues. The agenda has already made a drastic improvement in meeting productivity.

Ensure the Right People Are There

For a meeting to be effective, the right people must be present. If decision makers are not at the meeting when decisions are needed, the meeting will be a waste of time. Likewise, if people have information that is relevant to meeting topics, those people must attend to ensure the meeting is successful. When some key people are not at a meeting, decisions may be delayed or issues may need to be revisited.

At the radio station, you want to host a customer appreciation event for your top advertisers. To move forward, you need to get the support of other key managers and the general manager. You make sure the event is added to the agenda. However, when it comes time to present your idea, you determine it's a waste of time because key team members are absent. This delay will either push the event back or disrupt planning.

Obtain Background Information

When meeting, it is helpful to have background, or historical, information and proposed suggestions prepared in advance. This helps with answering questions or providing insight on important issues. If decisions need to be made or situations analyzed, having supporting information and documentation is helpful.

When planning your customer appreciation day, you want to know how many advertisers have been with the station for 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years or longer. This information will help you in determining what to do at the customer appreciation event to make it succeed.

Facilitating a Meeting

Let's say that you get the go-ahead for your customer appreciation day. Now you must meet with your team to plan and implement it. You know how to prepare for these meetings. You should follow some basic steps to facilitate these meetings to achieve your goals.

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