Facts About Crocodiles: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Mary Grace Miller

Mary Grace has taught first grade for 8 years and has a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and is licensed in ESL.

What kind of animal is a crocodile? What is the difference between a crocodile and an alligator? What do crocodiles eat? Where do they live? This lesson will teach you lots of fun facts about crocodiles.

What Do Crocodiles Look Like?

Who gives crocodiles presents at Christmas? Santa Jaws!

You and your friends have started telling each other silly animal jokes. When you heard the Santa Jaws joke, you started to get really curious about crocodiles. You've seen a crocodile at the zoo- or is it an alligator? What's the difference? Read on to learn more facts about crocodiles!

A crocodile

Crocodiles are a type of animal called a reptile, meaning they have cold blood, lay eggs, and are covered in scales. They are very large animals and can grow to be 2,000 pounds! That is one ton! They are usually around 500 pounds though, which is still the same weight as a piano! Most crocodiles grow to be as long as a car! They have thick skin that is covered with bony plates and they have sharp, pointy teeth. Even though they look scary, crocodiles have very short legs. They look a lot like alligators, but there is one way to tell them apart: crocodiles have pointy snouts like the letter v, while alligators have curved snouts like the letter u.

Where Do Crocodiles Live?

A crocodile in its habitat

Crocodiles live in warm areas like lagoons and swamps. A lagoon is a saltwater pool that is close to the ocean but separated by land. They mostly live in the continent of Africa but they can also live in America, Asia, and Australia. They can swim in the water and walk on the land!

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