Facts About Ice: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Mary Beth Burns

Mary Beth has taught 1st, 4th and 5th grade and has a specialist degree in Educational Leadership. She is currently an assistant principal.

People use ice in many ways during the course of their lives. Explore the advantages and disadvantages to water in its solid form, as well as some interesting facts about this seemingly simple everyday object.

What is Ice?

If you pour yourself a glass of water and then put it in the freezer, something is going to change. It is not going to change colors. It is not going to change into a different liquid. It is not going to disappear. The change that is going to take place is that the water that was once a wet liquid has now transformed into a hard solid form. The solid form of water is called ice. Ice is created when water gets below 32 degrees Fahrenheit and it freezes.

Glacier in Argentina

The freezer is not the only place where you can find ice. Ice is seen in many parts of nature all over the world. There are icebergs, which are large pieces of ice in the ocean. On land, there can be anything from a small icicle to a large glacier, which is a massive piece of ice that forms in places where there is a great amount of snow. When lakes freeze, they become a hard, slippery surface. This is called an ice shelf. There are also different types of weather that are made of ice, such as snowflakes, ice pellets, sleet and hail. Ice is everywhere!

Fun Facts About Ice

Did you know that there are approximately 16 different types of ice? The first nine types are called Ice 1-9, with Ice 4 being the kind of ice that you have in the freezer. The different types of ice are classified by their density. Density is how you measure how solid something is. Each type of ice reacts a certain way in different pressures and temperatures. Scientists have even found ice in outer space, which may serve as evidence that there is life on other planets. This is because life as we know it requires water to live, and ice is just frozen water!

Inside one of the rooms in an ice hotel in Sweden

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