Facts About Right Angles

Instructor: Mark Boster
A right angle is a special kind of angle. All right angles are the same, no matter how long their sides are. They are commonly found around the house, school, store, and neighborhood. After this lesson, you will see right angles everywhere!

Definition of a Right Angle

What do you mean right angle? Is there a left angle? How about a wrong angle? No, No, No. Just a right angle. The term right angle translates from Latin. It is angulus rectus. It means an upright corner angle. We just shortened it to right angle.

A right angle
right angle

If an angle is a right angle, it will be drawn with a box in the corner. That shows that it is a 90° angle.

What Shapes Use a Right Angle?

The right angle is used in different shapes. A square has four right angles. So does a rectangle. A triangle doesn't always contain a right angle, but if it does it is considered a right triangle.

A right triangle
right triangle

There are other things that have right angles. For example, writing paper has right angles. That can help you determine if an angle is a right angle or not. Just put the corner of the paper in the corner of the angle. If it fits RIGHT there exactly, then it is a RIGHT angle! Nifty, Huh?

Remember that a right angle can face any direction. It can be made with short lines or long lines, but all right angles are congruent. That means all right angles have the same degree measurement of 90°. So... not all right angles face right!

Right Angles in Letters

Many of our numbers and letters use Right Angles. Try writing the alphabet without using right angles. You can't. Look, the letter t has a right angle. Also the letter L. See how many you can find.

Fun Things to do with Right Angles

1. Draw a picture using only right angles.

2. When you walk, only turn using right angles

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