Faire in French: Conjugation & Meaning

Instructor: Cindy Lepore
Want to learn about a verb in French that will give you the most bang for your buck? This lesson on the French verb faire - which means to make or to do - will help you to increase your vocabulary quickly.

Why is faire an important verb?

The verb faire (pronounced like the English word fair but with the French /r/ sound) is a great verb to have in your back pocket because it's definitely a multi-tasker. Some interesting facts about this verb are:

1) most weather expressions in French use faire, for example to talk about what the weather is doing

2) many individual sports and activities use this verb, for example to express that you do a certain sport

3) used in math equations to mean equals in English

4) used in causative constructions where you have had something done to a person or thing, for example having your dog groomed

5) Numbers 1 and 2 on this list are the most important usages for beginners. It's also used in many, many other expressions in French. Trust us, this is a high-frequency verb!

How to use it in sentences: the conjugations

The verb faire is considered to be an irregular verb, meaning that the conjugations used in order to create a subject-verb agreement do not follow typical patterns. So, break out the flash cards and commit this one to memory. The following examples of conjugations express how to use the verb to talk about activities and sports.

Singular Forms:

Je fais (fay) du sport = I do sports

Fais-tu du yoga? = Do you do yoga?

Il/Elle fait (fay) du ski nautique = He/She does/goes skiing

Plural Forms:

Nous faisons (fuh zahn) de la danse = We do dance

Faites(fet)-vous du camping? = Do you do/go camping?

Ils/Elles font (fohn) une promenade = They go for a walk

Remember, many individual sports - ones that don't require a team to play - as well as activities take this verb, and it can also translate into English as go instead of make or do.

Sports Collage ClipArt

Weather Expressions

Drizzle and Moon

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