Family Quotes in Anne Frank's Diary of a Young Girl

Instructor: Margaret Stone

Margaret has taught both college and high school English and has a master's degree in English.

Like most families, the relationships between the members of the Frank family are not perfect, but Anne Frank feels a strong sense of loyalty to her sister and parents in 'Diary of a Young Girl'. Because of the extraordinary circumstances of life in hiding, Anne comes to view the other residents of the Secret Annex as family as well.

The Frank Family

When Anne Frank receives a diary as a birthday gift in 1942, she has no way of knowing the extraordinary events she will record. Anne is a typical teenager in 1942, living with her parents and her sister Margot. This carefree period will not last, however, and the Franks are soon forced to go into hiding in the Secret Annex in Amsterdam to avoid the Nazi persecution of Jews.

Anne is particularly close to her father Otto, but she longs for a closer relationship with her mother. Anne is often at odds with Margot as well. Still, she says, ''I won't say anything negative about my own family, though that doesn't mean I won't defend them if somebody else does. . . .''

Anne says her hobbies are ''movie stars and family photographs'', and her interest in family photos may have ignited her interest in genealogy. She says, ''In recent weeks I've developed a great liking for family trees and the genealogical tables of royal families. I've come to the conclusion that once you begin your search, you have to keep digging deeper and deeper into the past, which leads you to even more interesting discoveries.''

As young girls, Anne and Margot spent time at their grandmother's home in Aachen. Later, in hiding, Anne often dreams of both her grandmothers. ''It's funny, but I often have such vivid images in my dreams. One night I saw Grammy so clearly that I could even make out her skin of soft, crinkly velvet. Another time Grandma appeared to me as a guardian angel.'' Anne's close relationship with her grandmother and the idea of her role as guardian angel must have been a comfort to her in the trying and often frightening days in hiding.

The Annex Family

The Franks share quarters with the van Daan family and later with a dentist named Mr. Dussel. Once in hiding, Anne's definition of family seems to expand. ''From the first,'' she says, ''we ate our meals together, and after three days it felt as if the seven of us had become one big family.''

Anne again refers to the group as family when the residents of the Secret Annex decide to allow another person to join them in their hiding place. Anne describes Mr. Dussel's arrival: ''On the pretext that the private office was needed for something else, Miep took Mr. Dussel upstairs, opened the bookcase and stepped inside, while Mr. Dussel looked on in amazement. In the meantime, the seven of us had seated ourselves around the dining table to await the latest addition to our family with coffee and cognac.'' Clearly, she views the annex residents as family in this passage.

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