Farm Animals in French

Instructor: Rebecca Rosenbarker

Rebecca has taught French and English as a Second Language (ESL). She has a master's degree in ESL. Rebecca currently lives in France.

This lesson introduces different farm animals in French, including the different types of noises they produce. A short quiz to test your knowledge follows this lesson.

Farm Animals in French

When you think about France in your mind, what do you see? You probably picture the Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Élysées, the Louvre, or maybe some beaches along the coast. It may surprise you to know that a lot of France is made up of rolling hills, green pastures, and beautiful countryside. In France, it's common to see lots of different types of farms and farm animals. Let's take a tour of Farmer Jean's farm to learn about his different animaux de la ferme (farm animals).

Welcome to the Farm

Around Farmer Jean's Pond

Farmer Jean first shows us around the big pond on his farm. It's a beautiful sight to see with flowers everywhere, fish swimming, butterflies flying around, and ducklings following their mother. These are the animals he shows you at his pond.

What animals do you see in the pond?
A Small Pond

English French Pronunciation
bee l'abeille lah-bay
bird l'oiseau lwa-zoh
butterfly le papillon leuh pah-pee-yon
chicken la poule lah poole
duck le canard leuh ka-nar
fish le poisson leuh pwa-sohn
frog la grenouille lah gruhn-wee
rooster le coq leuh kok
turtle la tortue lah tohr-too

Farmer Jean's Four-Legged Friends

Next, Farmer Jean brings you around to the pastures, where most of his four-legged animals spend their time. You also catch a glimpse of the farm cat and his trusty dog who like to hang around this area too. These are the animals you get to see in the pastures and the surrounding areas.

Snap a picture of the sheep in their pasture.
Sheep in a field

bull le taureau leuh toh-row
cat le chat leuh sha
cow la vache lah vashe
dog le chien leuh shee-yahn
donkey l'âne lahn
goat la chèvre lah shevr
horse le cheval leuh sheh-val
pig le cochon leuh ko-shohn
rabbit le lapin leuh lah-pahn
sheep le mouton leuh moo-tohn

Farmer Jean's Visitors

Farmer Jean's farm has a lot of animal visitors that don't necessarily live there. Some of these visitors can be harmful to his own plants and animals, so he tries to keep them away, but somehow they keep coming back! Below are some of the animals that visit his farm every once in a while.

ant la fourmi lah foor-mee
bat la chauve-souris lah shoohv-soo-ree
beaver le castor leuh kah-stor
deer le cerf leuh serf
fox le renard leuh reh-nar
mosquito le moustique leuh moo-steek
mouse la souris lah sooh-ree
rat le rat leuh rah
snake le serpent leuh sehr-pahn
spider l'araignée lah-raygn-ay
squirrel l'écureuil lay-kyu-reil
wasp la guêpe lah gep
wolf le loup leuh loo

Farmer Jean must keep an eye out for wolves.
Wolf Running

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