Fayol's Order Principle in Management: Definition & Explanation

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  • 0:00 Henri Fayol
  • 1:41 14 Principles
  • 2:35 Examining the Order Principle
  • 4:15 Lesson Summary
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Rebekiah Hill

Rebekiah has taught college accounting and has a master's in both management and business.

In this lesson, we will learn about Henri Fayol and his 14 Principles of Management. Our main focus will be on the principle of order in the workplace, its history, and how it applies to today's management world.

Henri Fayol

Humans crave some sort of order in our lives. Can you even begin to imagine working in an environment where there were no holds barred? You would never know what to do, when to do it, how to do it, or who to answer to. Successful organizations promote order in an attempt to have a smooth flow of operations. In a nutshell, order is the method to the madness that we all incur every day. The next time that you walk through the door at work, take a minute to look around you. Pay attention to the order in which you do things, and how much planning it took to create that order. You can thank Henri Fayol for his foresight and understanding when it came to management.

The study of management has evolved over the last two centuries. What was first seen as simply a job has now almost become an art form. There are many theorists that have added thought and research to the study of management. One such theorist was Henri Fayol.

Henri Fayol was a French management theorist who lived from 1841-1925. Although he was an engineer by trade, he spent the vast majority of his working years as a manager at a French mining organization. The last 30 years with the company were spent as the managing director. It was through this practical experience that Fayol first realized the lack of education when it came to the concept of management. Upon his retirement, Fayol felt compelled to open a facility that would serve as a place for educators to gather and discuss the management concept. This facility, known as the Centre for Administrative Studies (CSA), opened in Paris in 1917.

Henri Fayol

14 Principles

It was during one of his discussions at the CSA that Fayol proposed what he felt were the 14 needed principles of management. Fayol wanted educators to understand that management was not just any ordinary job. Managers, Fayol felt, must be people of exceptional integrity that were able to be trained to be good managers. His 14 principles were to be guides for managers and benefit both the individual and the organization. In order, the 14 Principles are as follows:

• Division of Work

• Authority and Responsibility

• Discipline

• Unity of Command

• Unity of Direction

• Subordination of Individual Interest to General Interest

• Remuneration of Personnel

• Centralization

• Scalar Chain

• Order

• Equity

• Stability of Tenure of Personnel

• Initiative

• Esprit de Corps (Team Spirit)

14 Principles

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