Field Trip Social Stories

Instructor: Bethany Calderwood

Bethany has taught special education in grades PK-5 and has a master's degree in special education.

Teachers often use social stories to prepare students for social situations. In this lesson, you will find samples of social stories about field trips that you can use in your classroom or modify to suit your students.

We're Going on a Field Trip? Oh, No!

Do you have one or two students in your class who make you dread field trips? Changes in routine can be challenging for all students, and especially so for students with social or cognitive disabilities. Social stories can be used to prepare your students for field trips. Social stories outline what students can expect to happen as well as what behavior is expected of them. Here are a few sample social stories about field trips. Whenever possible, personalize them for your students. For example, add photographs of your destination, if possible.

Field Trip Social Stories

Story 1: We're Going to the Aquarium

Today my class is going on a field trip to the aquarium. The field trip will take all day. We won't do any math, reading, science, or recess, but we will get back in time to go home at the usual time.

We come to school at the usual time. I come to school on bus 57 and arrive at 8:12 a.m. I go to my classroom. My teacher, Mr. DeAngelo, takes attendance to make sure everyone is here. Then he assigns us to our chaperone groups. Each group of five kids has a chaperone. I am in a group with Sue, Kelly, Jonathan and Micah. Our chaperone is Micah's mom, Mrs. Patterson.

After we get in our groups, we get our jackets and our lunches and get in line. All three second-grade classes are going on the field trip. We are going in two buses. We get on the bus and sit near the other kids in our groups. The bus ride to the aquarium is half an hour long. I can't wait to get there!

We finally get to the aquarium. The bus driver pulls up in a special parking space for buses, and we all get out. Mr. DeAngelo and the other teachers already have our tickets ready. We have to go past a window and get a stamp on our hands.

An aquarium employee takes us to a small room where we leave our lunches in a giant box. Then Mr. DeAngelo tells the chaperones that if any groups get separated, we need to meet in the cafeteria at 11:30. Someone from the aquarium will bring our lunch box to the cafeteria then.

An aquarium employee leads us into a big auditorium and shows us a movie about otters. Then we are allowed to go with our chaperone groups to look around the aquarium.

There is so much to see at the aquarium! At 11:30 we go to the cafeteria and eat our lunches. Then we are allowed to go back to looking around until 1:00. At 1:00 we meet at the entrance to the aquarium. The chaperones count kids, then we get on the buses and go back to school. What a fabulous field trip!

Story 2: Field Trip Behavior

When we go on a field trip, my teacher tells us we have to use field trip behavior. She says that she wants to be proud of us when we are out in public. We need to show everyone we see that we are polite, cooperative learners.

When we go on a field trip, even though we are not in school, school rules still apply. We have to be respectful, follow directions, and keep our hands to ourselves.

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