Fire Safety Fine Motor Activities

Instructor: Christopher Muscato

Chris has a master's degree in history and teaches at the University of Northern Colorado.

These activities are designed to help you practice both fine motor skills and fire safety awareness with young children. These are intended for preschoolers and kindergarteners, though they can be adapted for other ages as well.

Teaching Fire Safety and Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills, the small and controlled movements that we use in daily life, are important for young children to practice and master. These activities, designed for preschool or kindergarten children, can help students practice their fine motor skills while also learning about firefighters and home fire safety.

Fire Safety Fine Motor Skill Activities

Connect the Dots

Give students an image that contains a firefighter, a burning building, and a set of dots that, when filled in, create a long and winding fire hose. Students will connect the dots and then color in the rest of the image.

  • Materials: Connect-the-dot sheet, crayons or other coloring supplies

Create a Fire Truck

Give students a large piece of blank paper and a packet containing paper cutouts of several basic shapes (including a large rectangle, smaller squares, and circles). Ask students to use these basic shapes to create a fire truck, gluing each shape onto the paper and then coloring it in. You can tailor as you need; for example, add shapes for students to also create a ladder, house, fire, etc.

  • Materials: Packet of basic shapes, glue stick or other adhesive, paper, coloring supplies

Beaded Firefighter Pole

Explain to students how fire stations contain poles that let firefighters more quickly get to their fire trucks. Provide students with craft straws or pipe cleaners and an assortment of craft beads. Students will string the beads onto the pipe cleaner and make a decorative firefighter pole.

  • Materials: Craft pipe cleaners or straws, craft beads

Safe or Unsafe?

Tell students that they are going to be fire safety inspectors. Provide each student a packet of images, each containing a simple scene of a different room in a house. Students will look through each image and circle anything that represents a potential fire safety hazard. For example, there could be an unattended candle in the living room, the stove could be left on, newspapers might be stacked next to the fire place, or the iron could be left sitting on top of a pile of shirts. After students have identified the fire hazards in their house, you can have them share their recommendations for making this house safer and preventing fires.

  • Materials: Images of rooms, coloring supplies

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