Flags of the World Art Activities

Instructor: Clio Stearns

Clio has taught education courses at the college level and has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction.

Learning about the flags of the world can be a wonderful way for students to learn geography and culture as well as design. This lesson offers some engaging art activities that teach students about flags.

Why Teach Flags of the World

Are you trying to get your students interested in learning about world geography and cultures or places other than their own? One way to engage your students' attention is to teach them about the flags of the world. When students learn about flags, it can ignite their interest to learn more about the countries each flag represents. Teaching students about the flags of the world lends itself to art activities because of the visual nature of the content, and engaging students in art activities can also help keep their interest alive. The activities in this lesson will help your students get familiar with the flags of the world.

Art Activities

Paint a Flag

For this activity, assign each student one flag to focus on. Their job is to paint a piece of paper into that flag, covering the entire page and keeping the color and patterns as accurate as possible. When they are done and their paint has dried, make a bulletin board that displays all of the flags. You can help your students organize the board by continents, geographic attributes, flag colors, or other categories that make sense to them.

Flag Pillow

This activity also involves assigning each student one flag to become an expert on. Provide thread and fabric for students to create the flag from textiles. Then, have them sew the flag to a piece of plain fabric, leaving an opening for stuffing. Once they stuff their work, they will have created flag pillows. An added benefit to this activity is that you can assign simpler flags to the students who are least adept at sewing, whereas more advanced sewers can work on more complicated flags.

Flag Mural

This is a great activity for students to work on in small or whole groups. Give them a poster board or a large piece of butcher paper. Explain that their job is to paint or draw many different flags on the paper; you can assign them a particular continent to work with, or a specific category of flags. They should work together to decide which direction the flags will be facing, what, if anything, will fill the white space between flags, and how they can work to make it one coherent piece of art. After they are finished, display their mural for others to admire!

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