Florence Nightingale Activities

Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

Florence Nightingale was one of the most influential women in all of history. She made great strides in nursing to improve the conditions and the lives of countless patients. Many of her methods are still used today. Use the activities in this lesson to help your student understand Florence.

Understanding Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale was an inspirational servant who spent her life nursing people. She believed she had been called by God at a young age to help others. Nursing became a passion of hers and she worked hard to care and nurture people her whole life. Use the activities in this lesson to help your students relate to Florence Nightingale and become more familiar with her history.

Early Years

Florence was from a very wealthy family who had many resources and options. In fact, when Florence was very young, her family purchased a home with 15 bedrooms. This home became their summer home because Florence's mother felt it was too small and too far from London. Draw a picture and floor plan of what you think the house and grounds may have looked like. If this were your home, what luxuries would you add? Include these luxuries in your drawing.

Florence in Nursing

Florence was passionate about nursing, especially about understanding popular treatments of her day. As she learned about blood-letting, arsenic, and mercury treatments, she saw the danger of the treatments and believed nurturing was more effective. Create sample tools that doctors and nurses may have used in those days to administer the typical treatments. Discuss ways Florence may have used those same tools in her work as she helped people heal naturally.

Florence Nightingale & The Crimean War

Florence spent a great deal of time and life energy in treating soldiers in the military. During this team, Florence created many systems and procedures for treating patients that are still used today. Some of these treatments include finding a source of clean drinking water, improving sanitary conditions, and preparing healthy food for patients. Create a poem that discusses the ways that Florence impacted nursing and made changes that are still used today.

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