Florida & Federal Requirements for ESOL Programs

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Cara has a Master's in Teacher Leadership as well as a Bachelor's in Elementary Education. She has taught on the Elementary and Pre-k level for 5 years.

The State of Florida has adopted detailed requirements for their ESOL programs that line up the Federal requirements. Complete this lesson to learn about the identification, reclassification, and exit process for Florida ESOL programs.

ESOL Program Requirements

Many requirements are set in place for ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) programs at both the state and federal level. Florida has detailed requirements that every school district in the state must follow. These state requirements also align with the federal requirements set by the Department of Education. The identification, reclassification, and exit of students in ESOL programs are clearly laid out in detail.

Students begin the process of being identified as ELL (English-language learner) upon enrollment in a school. The reclassification process is a yearly test that can show if the student should continue to be enrolled in the ESOL program or if the student should begin the exiting process. The exit process from the ESOL program can be completed at any time that the student is deemed English proficient.

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  • 0:57 ESOL Student Identification
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ESOL Student Identification

When a student is enrolled in a school, the school is required to administer a survey to the parents/guardian of the student in order to identify potential ELL students. Three required questions that must be included on the survey are:

  • Is a language other than English used in the home?
  • Did/Does the student have a first language other than English?
  • Does the student most frequently speak a language other than English?

If only the first question is answer with ''yes,'' then the student does not need to be enrolled in an ESOL program. If the second or third (or both the second and third) questions are answered with ''yes,'' then the student will be assessed for eligibility in the ESOL program. Students are assessed by completing a Department of Education approved aural and oral language proficiency assessment. The student must be assessed within the first twenty days after enrollment in the school and must score in the limited English proficiency range on one of these assessments to be considered for the school's ESOL program.


Reclassification of ESOL students means to have students changed from a status of ELL to English proficient. Each year, a Florida student will complete at least one of the following standardized tests: the English Language Proficiency Assessment, the Florida Standards Assessment in English Language Arts (FSA in ELA), or the Florida Standards Alternate Assessment (FSAA). Based on the student's score on the selected standardized test, the student will either be classified as ELL or English proficient.

Exit from the Program

Exiting a student from an ESOL program means to have them removed from the program because they are now considered English proficient. When a student completes the yearly reclassification assessment, their score determines if they should continue to be enrolled in the ESOL program or if they should begin the exit process. The exit process can be accomplished in one of two ways.

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