Florida Map Project Ideas

Instructor: Christopher Muscato

Chris has a master's degree in history and teaches at the University of Northern Colorado.

The following project ideas use the Florida map to help your students expand their knowledge of not only geography but also art, creative writing, research, and mathematics.

The Map of Florida

Florida is an important US state, located at the intersection of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. It is home to unique ecosystems and landscapes, and has a rich cultural history as well. Students can explore all of this through map-focused projects. These projects are adaptable to most grade levels.

Florida Map Project Ideas

Road Trip

Provide students with a road map of Florida, and ask them to plan out a route to see the entire state in one three-week road trip. This plan should account for time and distance as well as the time needed to see major attractions and sites. This trip must also cover the entire state including all major regions.

With this map, students are going to conduct a virtual road trip by researching all of the sites, places, events, landscapes, weather patterns, and roads on their plan. They will use this research to write either a travelogue or a travel blog that describes their three-week road trip on a day-by-day basis. Students should focus on what they see, hear, smell, feel, and taste throughout this trip.

  • Materials: Road maps of Florida, writing supplies, research supplies.

Topographic Model

This project can be completed by students independently or in groups. Start by laying a grid over a topographic map of Florida and dividing the state into squares (the size of each grid in the square will depend on the number and age of the students). Assign each student or group one of these squares, and give them the topographic map of that square.

Students are going to use this to make a 3-D topographic model of their square out of foam boards (these must be at least 1 cm thick). The base foam board for this model should be 1'x1'. Students will cut and add layers of foam boards to this base in order to represent the topography of their specific square. As Florida's topography is far less extreme than some states, this could be a great introduction to topography and scale modeling. When the groups are done, have them assemble their squares together to create a full topographic model of Florida.

  • Materials: Topographic maps of Florida, grid, foam boards, rulers, scissors/precision knives, glue/adhesive, calculators, other craft supplies as desired.

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