Flowers for Algernon Projects

Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

Following up the reading of Flowers for Algernon with projects will help the students have a closer, personal connection to the story. Use the ideas in this lesson to create meaningful projects that the students can complete and gain a greater appreciation of the story.

Student Projects

You can create engaging and memorable projects for students to complete after reading Daniel Keyes' Flowers for Algernon. By encouraging students to put themselves in the shoes of various characters, you can encourage them to see the story from different points of view. Use some of the ideas below to help students gain a deeper understanding of the story.


Alice recommended Charlie for the experiment. Have students imagine that they are Alice and are going to refer Charlie for the operation. As Alice, students will write, draw, or create a unique and interesting recommendation that would get the attention of the doctors. Explain why Charlie is a good candidate for the operation, why the student is recommending him, and why they think the surgery will help him.

Video Project

Break students into small teams, and have each team create a video of Charlie. The teams should act in the videos themselves, portraying characters from the story. Encourage the students to get into character for their videos: for instance, the student who is playing Charlie should dress the way he or she thinks Charlie would dress, act the way he or she thinks Charlie acted before the surgery, etc. Show his transformation through the experiment by depicting scenes from his work, his interactions with others, and his changing character over the course of the story.

Doctor's Notes

Students take on the role of one of Charlie's doctors. Imagine every interaction with Charlie, starting with the first meeting. Create notes as if you were the doctor who treated Charlie. Include his actions, your observations, and anything unusual you notice through your interactions with him.

Create a Campaign for the Surgery

Students take on the role of advertisers, hired to help market and advertise the surgery that Charlie underwent. The doctors want to promote the surgery to the general public and attract others who want to increase their intelligence.

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