Fonts and Font Styles in Excel

Fonts and Font Styles in Excel
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  • 0:42 Changing Font Type or Size
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Karen Sorensen

Karen has a Bachelors in Communications. She has 25 years of experience in Information Systems, Adult Learning and Virtual Training.

Similar to Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, you can change the font and font size of your numerical data and text in an Excel worksheet. The ability to change fonts can help you make your worksheets easier to read, as well as look more professional.

Fonts in Excel

The font is the style and/or size of your text and characters. Changing the font of your numbers and text in an Excel worksheet can help your document to look more appealing and, at times, make it easier for the reader to digest the information. And, if you find yourself using the same fonts and font sizes again and again, you can change Excel's default font that is applied to all new workbooks.

This lesson will guide you through the steps to changing the default font for new workbooks. We will also look at changing the font type and font size of your numbers and text in a worksheet.

Changing the Font Type or Size

Excel's primary purpose is for creating spreadsheets using numerical data and formulas. You do not normally think about font type, or even the size, until you try to display it up on a screen or attempt to print your spreadsheet for an upcoming team meeting.

Changing to a smaller font size in order to fit the content to one page or changing the font type so that it can be clearly read are very common practices. You can change the font and font size for a selected cell or for a range of cells in a worksheet.

In the lesson video, I have an example worksheet that details the various costs for the delivery of a corporate project (please see the video at 01:22). There are several different fonts and font sizes being used and as a result, the document is difficult to read and even has an unprofessional look. Before we 'go to print' we really should consider making the font of the numbers and text a bit more consistent and uniform. Let's take a look at the steps:

  1. Go to the Home menu in the ribbon.
  2. Select the cells by clicking on the first cell in the range, then dragging to the last cell. In our example, we will click and hold on cell A1 and move our mouse to G8, and then release.
  3. Look in the Font grouping of commands.
  4. In the Font option box, click on the More icon (it's the up-side down triangle); this will expand your font choices.
  5. Select your desired font.

As with all office products by Microsoft, you can hover your mouse over the different font type options and get a preview of how it will display. Remember, this is just a preview - you need to click on the font choice to apply it to the selected cells.

Changing the font size is very similar. The difference is that you would click on the More icon for the Font Size option box. Just like the font type, you can preview the size of the font by rolling your mouse over the numbers.

And, let me give you a tip: If you look next to the Font Size option box, you will see two short-cut commands or buttons; each time you click on a particular command (either to increase or decrease), the font size will change by one point. It's a great short-cut when you need to change the size of a font.

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