Food & Beverage Service & Operations: Assignment 2 - Research Paper

Instructor: Matt McClintock
If you have a College Accelerator membership and are seeking college credit for this course, you must submit an assignment and pass the proctored final exam. You must submit your assignment before registering for the final. Below you will find prompts and instructions for submitting your assignment.

About this Assignment

Production, which comprises everything from the processing of meats and packaged foods to the creation of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, is a major aspect of food and beverage industry. In this course, you learned about various topics in production, including food and beverage purchasing, food preparation and safety, menu planning, and equipment selection.

For this assignment, you will select one prompt related to a food and beverage service topic and write a research paper about it. The paper must be 1,000-1,500 words and be double-spaced in APA format with Times New Roman size 12 font.


Select one of the following prompts for your assignment. Research the topic and use what you have learned in the course to create your research paper.

  1. Identify infrastructure problems and sanitation issues that can lead to foodborne illness outbreaks in food service establishments. Analyze strategies that are currently being employed in the food and beverage industry to address these issues, detailing at least one strategy that you think is highly effective in preventing these outbreaks.
  2. Identify and describe factors that a new food and beverage operation must consider when selecting fruit, vegetables, beef, poultry, fish, wheat and baking products, and other foods. Explain how selection factors impact operational costs and menu prices and analyze at least one strategy companies can use to lower costs while preserving quality.
  3. Discuss the role of nutrition and dietary restrictions in menu planning for food and beverage operations. Identify and analyze the impact of menu choices on consumers, including those costumers who must consume food that is prepared according to kosher or halal guidelines.
  4. Identify trends in kitchen design and storage design in the food and beverage industry. Analyze the impacts of design on food preparation, food safety, and inventory control in food service operations and explain how they can affect a company's success.

Using Sources

You may refer to the course material for supporting evidence, but you must also use 3 sources and cite them using APA format. Please include a mix of both primary and secondary sources, with at least one source from a scholarly peer-reviewed journal. If you use any lessons as sources, please also cite them in APA (including the lesson title and instructor's name).

  • Primary sources are first-hand accounts such as interviews, advertisements, speeches, company documents, statements, and press releases published by the company in question.
  • Secondary sources come from peer-reviewed scholarly journals, such as the Journal of Foodservice Business Research. You may use sources like JSTOR, Google Scholar, and Hospitality & Tourism Complete to find articles from these journals. Secondary sources may also come from reputable websites with .gov, .edu, or .org in the domain. (Wikipedia is not a reputable source, though the sources listed in Wikipedia articles may be acceptable.)

If you're unsure about how to use APA format to cite your sources, please see the following lessons:

Grading Rubric

Your essay will be graded based on the following rubric:

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