Four Types of Quality Control

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  • 0:00 What Is Quality Control?
  • 0:46 Quality Control In Depth
  • 1:14 Four Types of Quality Control
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Brianna Whiting

Brianna has a masters of education in educational leadership, a DBA business management, and a BS in animal science.

A company needs a way to check their products and the work of their employees. In this lesson, we will learn how a company may do this and the four variations they may choose from.

What Is Quality Control?

Super Sports Warehouse is a company that makes nearly everything you could think of for nearly every sport. Because of its wide variety of supplies and equipment, the company receives orders from hundreds of stores each month. The large amount of orders means that Super Sports Warehouse needs to be sure it produces products that are of good quality and function properly. In order to provide superior products, the company must use a process known as quality control.

Quality control is a process that helps a company make sure it creates quality products and that staff and management alike make minimal mistakes. Throughout this lesson we will learn about the different types of quality control and why they are useful to a company.

Quality Control in Depth

Quality control helps a company reduce errors and produce products efficiently that are of great quality; but how does a company implement this? For Super Sports Warehouse, it offers training courses for managers and employees. This helps keep them updated on ways to do things better. The company also makes goals and objectives for its employees and products to meet. This ensures that each employee knows what they are working for and what is expected from them.

Four Types of Quality Control

You may be wondering how quality control works. Well, there are four types of quality control, and each of them has unique characteristics. In this section we will break each of them down so that we can understand how they might be used.

The first type is process control. When creating any type of product there is a process, meaning all products start with pieces and end with a finished good. Process control is the type of quality control that makes sure the processes within a company are functioning correctly. This means that all of the activities included in each process are operating at a nice stable pace with little variation.

An example might be making sure the machines are operating correctly and producing products that do not have flaws. Process control also makes sure that a company is performing at its target level. For example, when Super Sports Warehouse makes basketballs, the company makes sure that each ball goes through the same process at a time frame that produces enough basketballs to fulfill orders. When the basketballs are completed, process control helps Super Sports Warehouse make sure there are little to no flaws and variations so that the company can ship quality basketballs to all its customer stores.

Another type of quality control is acceptance sampling, which is the process of determining an inspection plan that works to meet the needs of the company. You see, sometimes inspecting and testing every single product is too costly for a company, or even destructive for the product. While the company needs to inspect at least some of its products, testing all of them may not be an effective solution for every company. Acceptance sampling lets a company find somewhere in the middle of testing every product and not inspecting any of them. For example, Super Sports Warehouse inspects 1 out of every 50 basketballs. Inspecting just a few basketballs allows Super Sports Warehouse to save time and money while being able to determine if the entire order should be rejected or kept.

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