Frankenstein Project Ideas

Instructor: Alicia Taylor

Alicia has taught students of all ages and has a master's degree in Education

Projects give students a chance to explore themes from ''Frankenstein'' in creative ways. Here are goals, objectives, and instructions for four project ideas.

Writing Margaret Saville's Responses

Goal: Student will engage with each point in the plot of Frankenstein.

Objective: Have students write a personal letter responding to each chapter of the novel.

Instructions: Since the novel is written in the form of letters, we can imagine that Margaret may have received each chapter one at a time.

When students read each chapter, have them write a letter back to Robert Walton responding as though they were his sister. Students should consider what kind of emotional response they would have when hearing about each event. Would they warn Robert to get Victor off the ship? Would they want Robert to ask Victor any specific questions?

To ensure the letters are written shortly after reading each chapter, teachers should collect these letters the day after the assigned reading.

Mapping out Frankenstein

Goal: Students will understand the theme of exploration in Frankenstein.

Objective: Students keep track of the characters' journeys by drawing color-coded maps as they read the novel. Students answer questions about the novel based on their maps.

Instructions: Before your students begin reading the novel, print out a basic map of Europe for each student. Make sure it includes some part of the Arctic Circle. Hand out the maps.

Tell students to choose a different color for each of these characters: Robert Walton, Frankenstein's family, Victor Frankenstein, the monster, and the De Lacey family. They should make a key in a corner of their map.

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