Frankenstein Study Questions

Instructor: Alicia Taylor

Alicia has taught students of all ages and has a master's degree in Education

Carefully crafted study questions will help students get to the heart of 'Frankenstein.' These questions address the book, its chapters and its context. For the sake of teachers using Common Core, they are organized according to Depth of Knowledge (DOK) levels.

DOK 1: Basic Recall

Questions About Specific Chapters

  • Opening Letters: What is Robert Walton's goal?
  • Chapter: 2: What does Victor say alchemists were trying to do? What did Victor find most interesting about their studies?
  • Chapter 3: How did Victor's teachers respond to his knowledge about alchemy? What made M. Krempe's responses different from M. Waldman's?
  • Chapter 4: What does Victor tell the audience about how he created the monster?
  • Chapter 6: What emotions does Victor feel in this chapter? How are these emotions different from those he felt while creating the monster?
  • Chapter 7: Why does Victor not tell anyone about the monster he created? What reasons does he give in this chapter?
  • Chapter 9: How does each member of Victor's family deal with the tragedy of William and Justine?
  • Chapter 10: What does the monster ask Victor to do in this chapter?
  • Chapter 13: How did the monster learn to speak and read?
  • Chapter 14: How did the De Lacey family come to live in their cottage?
  • Chapter 15: What does the monster say he learned from the books he found? What kinds of things did they cause him to think about?
  • Chapter 17: What reasons does the monster give for wanting a mate? What does the monster imagine doing with his life if he had a mate?
  • Chapter 18: Why does Victor want to delay his marriage? What reason does he have for waiting?
  • Chapter 20: Victor finally decides not to create a mate for his monster. What does he fear will happen if he creates a mate?
  • Chapter 23: Why did Victor leave his wife alone when he went to search for the monster?
  • Final letters: What happens to Robert's expedition?

Questions About the Book as a Whole

  • What influenced Victor to try to find the secret to creating life?
  • What does the monster look like?
  • Give examples of injustices that happened to the monster.

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