Freak the Mighty Chapter 7 Summary

Instructor: Kerry Gray

Kerry has been a teacher and an administrator for more than twenty years. She has a Master of Education degree.

Chapter seven of 'Freak the Mighty' leaves Kevin and Max 'Walking High Above the World'. Kevin has offended Tony D. at the fireworks show by calling him a cretin. Will Tony let it go?

The Millpond

At the beginning of chapter seven, Max and Kevin have just finished watching the fireworks display at the millpond. Kevin is on Max's shoulders for a better view. Just before the show, Kevin mouths off to the leader of a gang of thugs. Should they be concerned?

Freak the Mighty
Book Cover

Noble Steed

After the fireworks show, Max heads to the drink cart with Kevin still on his shoulders. From this height, Kevin can see that Blade (Tony D.) and his gang are closing in on them. Kevin kicks Max's head like a horse and directs him out of the crowd, but not quickly enough. Tony D. and his gang have them surrounded. 'You! The freak! You and that giant retard, I'll cut you down to size. Dice and slice, baby! Freak show time!' yells Tony D.


Max asks Kevin what to do. 'Just give me a nanosecond to process the alternatives,' replies Kevin. A nanosecond is one billionth of a second. It is used in the computer industry to measure logic and memory chips. Just as Tony D. reaches into his back pocket for his knife, Kevin yells at Max to go and points him to run right over the top of one of the punks. Kevin continues to direct him this way and that until finally, he sends Max right into the muddy, disgusting pond water. With mud up to his knees, Max hears Kevin shout in victory. Tony is stuck in the slime with mud up to his neck and needs the rest of his gang to free him. Tony D. and his gang start throwing rocks at them. Max is stuck in the mud and makes a great target. Just when all hope is lost, Kevin sees the cavalry. He whistles sharply and waves his hands to get the attention of a police officer who is patrolling the pond.

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