Freak the Mighty Chapter 8 Summary

Instructor: Kerry Gray

Kerry has been a teacher and an administrator for more than twenty years. She has a Master of Education degree.

In chapter 8 of 'Freak the Mighty', Max and Kevin spend the summer having adventures and learning from each other. Kevin teaches Max all about dragons, so why is he calling him 'Dinosaur Brain'?


At the beginning of chapter eight in Freak the Mighty, Max and Kevin are delivered back to their parents after a run-in with Blade's gang at millpond. Normally, Max would get in a lot of trouble for getting in that nasty pond….but this is not your typical summer.

Freak the Mighty
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Max thought he would get in trouble for going into the pond, but the officer made such a show of explaining what a hero Max was for rescuing Kevin, that Grim and Gram believed it. Max thought it seemed strange that he was made out to be the hero, when really, it was Kevin's brain that saved them.

Grim and Gram reward Max with a bowl of ice cream and his first (to their knowledge) cup of coffee. Max shocks himself when he says, 'Thank you, sir.' They warn Max to stay away from Tony D. and his gang. Max agrees that he will run if he sees them. Grim corrects him and tells him that taking 'evasive action' is not the same as running away.

Atypical Summer

Max's typical summer is hanging out in his room by himself and looking at comic books, but this year is different. Every morning, he is woken up by Freak banging on the bulkhead and shouting, 'Get outta bed, you lazy beast! There are fair maidens to rescue! Dragons to slay!'

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