Frindle Activities

Instructor: Sharon Linde

Sharon has a Masters of Science in Mathematics

Heighten and apply understanding of the novel 'Frindle' by having students participate in activities related to the story. Ideas can be used before, during or after reading using materials you have in your classroom.

Why Activities?

Planning learning activities for students before, during and after reading is a smart way to connect students to learning, especially with novels. When students are asked to apply their thoughts in another way, they're more likely to come away with a richer understanding of key facts and ideas.

Use these ideas to help solidify key plot points and ideas in the novel Frindle using materials you have in your classroom or can get your hands on easily. Take a look.

One-of-a-Kind Frindles

In the novel, the main character Nick re-names the pen 'frindle'. Have students create their own special pen for use during writing linked to reading the novel. Give them time to brainstorm, then provide them with materials such as double-sided tape, ribbon, yarn, pom-poms, or any other material they can think of. Allow students to give their pens a special name and use to take notes as they read the story.

A Dictionary for Your Classroom

Nick invented a word that eventually replaced the word 'pen.' Ask students to think of a new word. Allow each student to create a page in a class-made dictionary. Students should include the word, a definition, phonetic spelling, part of speech, use in a sentence, and other criteria found in dictionaries. Decorate with pictures and present to the class. Afterwards, bind the book and allow students to use it as a reference.

Extend to a math and writing lesson by:

  • Estimating which words will catch on and which won't.
  • Keep and track data of word usage, then plot in a chart or graph.
  • Have students write a story using as many 'new' words as possible.
  • Instruct students to imagine their word is a successful as Nicks and write what they would do with the fame and money.

Social Media Frenzy

The novel Frindle took place in 1987, way before technology as we know it. How would the word spread if the novel took place today? Allow students to choose a social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., and create a pretend page promoting the new word 'frindle.' Share with classmates, then display in the classroom.

Main Idea/Summary Comic

Help students differentiate between main ideas and supporting details by asking them to create a comic strip of the novel Frindle. Students should first write the main ideas, then check in with you. When approved, have them transfer to a series of squares, comic-book style. Add pictures and dialogue to support. Share with classmates, then display in the classroom.

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