Frindle: Summary, Characters & Vocabulary

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Jaclyn Radtke

I am a second grade teacher. I have been teaching second grade for two years. I previously taught fifth grade. I work in an urban school district. I am also interesting in drama and dance, which is why I am currently an assistant director of our after school for the arts program and co-director/choreographer of our school productions. I have a bachelors and a masters degree in elementary education.

Have you ever thought about where things get their names from, and who gets to come up with the names for objects? Well, in the book 'Frindle', Nick Allen challenges words in an interesting and creative way.

Book Summary

In the book Frindle by Andrew Clements, Nick Allen enters into his fifth grade classroom knowing he's about to face the toughest teacher at Lincoln Elementary School. However, he is confident that he is ready to take on Mrs. Granger and her love of the dictionary. Using his research assignment and his determination to overpower Mrs. Granger, Nick challenges where words come from by referring to a pen as a 'frindle.' Soon not only is the whole school calling a pen a 'frindle,' but the craze is spreading worldwide. After becoming famous and spreading the news of the 'frindle' through media and other sources, Nick is proud of his work, and is surprised to find out Mrs. Granger truly was behind him and supporting him the entire time. Let's take a look at the two main characters in this book.

Important Characters

Nick Allen is a fifth grade student who likes to be the funny guy in the classroom and challenge the rules. One year he turned the thermostat up in the classroom and another year he turned the classroom into a tropical island. Nick tries to test his new fifth grade teacher, and finds out that she isn't up for his games. After being given an assignment to research where words in the dictionary come from, Nick decides to take it one step further and challenge the idea of where words come from in general and why objects have the names that they have. He starts by calling a pen a 'frindle,' and the history of the word pen changes from that day forward.

Then there is Mrs. Granger, Nick's fifth grade teacher with a reputation for being very strict and loving the dictionary. As a language arts teacher, she assigns the students a word of the day that they must write and define. Mrs. Granger assigns Nick a project and is not impressed by the actions that he takes and the results that come of those actions. Mrs. Granger forbids the use of the word 'frindle,' and from there, all of the students make it their job to refer to a pen as a 'frindle.'

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