Gallery Walk Questions for Literature

Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

Gallery walk questions open the door for further learning and appreciation of literature. This lesson provides various examples of questions to use for a literature gallery walk with your students.

The Purpose of Literature Circles

Reading helps students expand their imagination and encourages new ideas and exploration. Literature circles enhance students' learning by giving them an opportunity to think about a book from different perspectives. They also give kids a chance to share their thoughts and learn from each other.

This lesson offers a variety of questions that you can use or adapt for literature circles when conducting a gallery walk, where each circle answers different categories of questions at stations located around your classroom. Encourage your students to share their feelings, experiences and insights into the story. This will strengthen your students' understanding and allow the story to be understood from different vantage points.

Questions About Characters

One station on your gallery walk could be dedicated to the characters in the story. Here are some basic questions about characters.

  • Who were the main characters in the book? What did you learn about them from reading the book?
  • What were the relationships of the characters? How did these relationships evolve throughout the book?
  • Which characters made the best choices? Which characters made the worst choices? Explain.
  • What problems did the main characters cause themselves? What decisions or actions caused those problems? How could they have avoided the problems?
  • In what ways were the main characters heroes? In what ways were they victims? Why?
  • Which characters supported the story? Why were they important to the main characters?

Questions About Plot

Another station on your gallery walk could be focused on the events of the plot. Use or adapt some of these questions.

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