Genesis 27 Discussion Questions

Instructor: Grace Pisano

Grace has taught high school history in several states with a master's degree in teaching.

After reading Genesis 27, use these discussion questions with your high school students. These questions are built around the context of a piece of literature more so than a religious text.

Esau and Jacob

After reading the story in Genesis 27 of the blessing that Isaac gives to his sons Jacob and Esau, use the following questions to help students think critically about what they read. Since the text can be confusing, this guide begins with simple questions that will help students thoroughly understand the plot. Then, it moves into application and critical thinking questions to help students dig deeper into the text. These questions are designed with high school students in mind and can be used in a literature or bible studies class.

Discussing the Plot

  • Define the relationship between each of the following figures in Genesis 27: Esau, Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob.
  • What does Isaac ask of Esau? Why does he ask him to do this?
  • What does Rebekah ask Jacob to do? What is her goal in doing this? What is Jacob's response?
  • What transpires between Jacob and Isaac? What is included in Jacob's blessing?
  • What does Esau plan to do to Jacob? How does Rebekah intervene?

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