Geologist Lesson for Kids: Definition & Facts

Instructor: Alexandra Owens

Alexandra has taught middle school science and has a master's degree in Math and Science Education.

Have you ever heard of a geologist? In this lesson, you'll learn more about the different things geologists do and how you could grow up to be a geologist!

What Is a Geologist?

Have you ever found an interesting looking rock outside and wondered where it came from? Then you were thinking like a geologist! A geologist is a scientist that studies the surface of the Earth and what it is made of. This branch of science is called geology, which means the study of rocks. If you like digging in the dirt, then this may be the job for you!

A geologist is a scientists who studies rocks, like this geologist in Oklahoma.

What Do Geologists Do?

Geologists do many things, not just study rocks. Being a geologist may bring you to some interesting places around the world to study landforms and other geologic sites. Here are a few things geologists do:

  • Collect samples of rocks, soil, and even fossils like dinosaurs from all over the world
  • Study how the Earth changed over time to look like it does today
  • Measure the impacts of natural disasters like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions
  • Monitor soil quality for the best farming

Geologists use skills from many other types of science like chemistry, physics, and biology to make connections between the causes and effects of Earth processes. For example, geologists may study how erosion in an area may impact the water quality and animals that live there. Erosion occurs when soil or rock is worn down and carried away by wind or water. You may have seen areas of erosion on the beach after a storm.

After a storm, sand can get washed away and cause beach erosion.

How to Be a Geologist

If you think you want to be a geologist when you grow up, you can already start taking steps to get there! The first thing you can do is to try your best in your science and math classes.

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