German Castles: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Jennifer Lowery

Jennifer has taught elementary levels K-3 and has master's degrees in elementary education and curriculum/instruction and educational leadership.

Germany is famous for beautiful castles nestled in its countryside. In this lesson, learn why and when German castles were built, and discover some famous castles that have lasted for centuries.

Medieval Castles

When you think of medieval Europe, do you think of chivalrous knights, lords, and maidens in castles? This is an accurate image, and this was especially true in the country of Germany. Castles were built in Germany throughout the Middle Ages to defend the land that belonged to the nobility. The nobility included kings and queens that ruled the people of the kingdom.

To provide defense against invaders, castles were built with high stone walls. The stone construction helped prevent the castle from burning from a fire, which happened a lot to wooden structures back in medieval times. Most of the time, castles were built on hills so those inside could easily see the land (and possible invaders that were coming). Let's find out about some specific castles in Germany that people visit today.

Castle on the Rhine

A beautiful castle was built around 1200 in the German city of Krefeld-Linn, although the exact date is not known for sure. Sometimes it is called Linn Castle, but it is also referred to as Krefeld Castle. This fortress is located on a famous German river called the Rhine.

This castle located in Krefeld-Linn is located on the banks of the famous Rhine River.

The castle in Krefeld-Linn is surrounded by a moat. A moat is a ditch that is created around a castle and filled with water, and its purpose is to discourage invaders from coming into the castle. The castle was damaged during the Spanish War in the 1700s, but it was restored in 1926 and now attracts many visitors each year.

Castle on Mount Hohenzollern

Would you like to see a crown worn by a German king? How about a letter written by George Washington himself? Hohenzollern castle is the place to go. This fortress is located on top of Mount Hohenzollern in the Alps, a large mountain range throughout Europe.

Visitors to Hohenzollern Castle can see valuable items like china and silver.

The castle was built in three parts, at three separate times in history. The first part was constructed around 1061, then it was converted into a fortress in 1454. A third part was added in the mid-1800s by King Frederick William IV of Prussia.

Neuschwanstein Castle

In the 1860s, a German King named Ludwig II wanted to get away from the public. He was extremely shy, and he wanted to build a castle where he could escape. So he decided to build Neuschwanstein Castle on top of a huge rock wall.

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